My neighbors were hosting just a weekend last minute dinner party and I was asked to create a summer/ tropical cocktail that was just a bit different with a beach theme.


My first thought was to go different than the regular margarita, rum drink and all the traditional go to drinks to make this special.

So here goes, how ‘bout a martini with a twist.  Let’s make it light and BLUE!  Rock on!


Here we go-

Mix over ice in a cocktail shaker equal parts (or as always mix to taste based on your preference/tolerance)

Citrus Vodka

Sour Mix, Any sour mix but NOT sweet and sour

Raspberry Lemonade

Finally, add a small amount (a few ounces) Blue Curacao for color – not too much though then add the juice of 1 half of a fresh lemon

Shake Very Well

Pour into a chilled martini glass!  I like to garnish with a slice of kiwi for added flavor or you could use sliced lemon as well.