So my daughter graduated last June and I wanted to share a great party for the playin’ part of cookin’ drinkin and playin’

We rented a local small country dance hall for the party and it was amazing!

The first thing was to decide on a theme so we started with food of course. I came up with the idea to have all her favorite things and it exploded from there.

We decided on a breakfast theme that included make your own breakfast tacos and if you are not familiar with what goes into breakfast tacos, lemme tell you we make mean breakfast tacos. These tacos include eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, refried beans cheese, salsa and jalapenos. One of the most important part of the taco is the tortilla, it has to be a fresh, warm tortillas. Once you build your taco the final step is to roll the taco and wrap in foil for about 5 minutes to let all the ingredients mesh together, this is an important step. Since these were make you own, we omitted the foil as everyone just wanted to dig in and eat.


Our next menu item was homemade biscuits and gravy, this is a Texas southern staple and must have for a breakfast and for this great theme party.


And finally pancakes, this was super fun as these were made to order will all the fixin’s, fruit, chocolate chips and all the syrups with of course whipped topping as well.


We had waiters walk around with fresh fruit in champagne glasses.

So one thing we served on the menu were homemade maple cupcakes with maple frosting topped with a piece of bacon! Huge hit!


The final thing on the menu was a smore’s bar. I started by getting long rectangle planters from Home Depot and filled them with styrofoam then topped them with some black rock that looked like charcoal. I then I placed sterno cylinders in the planters for the fire. I placed bowls full of the chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers and had vases of skewers to make the smore’s!


As far as decorations we kept this part quite simple as the dance hall has so much character itself. On the tables I used simple glass vases wrapped with some twine and placed one flower in each one and then a wood branch from Michael’s. Then I printed out a bunch of photos of my daughter and her friend’s and taped them together and used small wooden clothes pins to attached the wooden branch.
This was such a fun party with the final part showing a graduation video that we put together to music with all her favorite tunes.