Here is Texas, salsa is a staple and part of every BBQ, dinner or party!

When you go to your local grocery store you have many choices of salsa from name brands to sometimes local restaurant salsas, from mild to hotter than hell as well.

I am here to challenge you to try to make you own because once you make your own, you will never go down that isle at the grocery store again.

I have made my own salsa for a long, long and have ventured to many different flavors as well like pineapple, mango, avocado, black bean, blueberry pineapple and wonderful peach salsa especially when Fredericksburg Texas peaches are in season.

My most favorite salsa I create is a mean Olive salsa combining black and green olives.  I have tweaked this recipe over and over again over time and it is amazing.  The only way to make this is with Roma tomatoes and special secret ingredients.


This recipe is so good that I have been asked time over time to make this for friends to give as gifts.


Recently, I have taken out space at some local farmer’s markets to test the market on selling this directly.  The response has been incredible!  It’s called Wild Olive Salsa and should you want to try it, hit me up and I can get you hooked on a cool new salsa and also some great new recipes.


One of the best things about this Wild Olive Salsa is that there are many ways you can use this from just dipping salsa or use your blender to make it more into a marinade for fish or chicken.


Another use is a bread dip. Yes, I said bread dip.  If you blend this up as well and add a bit of olive oil, this is an amazing bread dip.  The different recipes you can use this for is endless and that is why I am making an online salsa cookbook to share with everyone to totally blow away your friends and dinner party guests!